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 I can't say enough about this trip!!! I've been on 3 organised group trips (Japan, Israel, and 7 countries in Europe) and this was by FAR the best in my life. I wish all my trips could be like this - a mix of exploring and adventuring and partying with locals! 

Neidelyn Pina

"Thank you for inspiring me to do this. Your spontaneity and courage is so admirable. I'm very grateful to know, call a friend, and have traveled with THE, #TRAVELWITHTALIYA" 

Scarlyn Cuevas

I never had so much fun in my life. Honestly. Thank you for making us get up because I probably wouldn't have done anything besides lay on the beach. You made an impact on all of us with traveling. 

Annelise Daley

Thank you for planning this and being so STRONG AND BRAVE this whole trip!!!! Your attitude was so contagious and you taught me how to learn to take things as they come and just adapt <3 I miss Puerto Rico and all of you guys already!! 

Neidelyn Pina

Omg THANK YOU for this whole trip! You are already so successful with your business I can't wait to watch you grow! This was truly one of the best weeks of my life all because of you. Thank you Taliya for bringing us all together and making this happen <3

Veronica Gardner

When you pay for a vacation, you're not just paying for the trip. You're paying for an experience, a lifetime full of memories, and lifelong friends all over the world. Travel is the one thing you buy that makes you richer!